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The Bachelor Pad

Remember Bachelor Pad 3 Couple Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones? Where Are They Now?!

Remember when Bachelor Bad 3's Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones were dating? Yeah, we've blocked out most of their X-rated makeout sessions as well. However, at the risk of triggering a bout of PTSD, the time has come to check in on these former love birds!

In case you need a refresher, Tony and Blakeley fell for each other after camping out and making out in an airstream — a date they won on BP3 — presumably traumatizing several hundred innocent desert animals while doing so. Tony shocked fans when he popped the question to Blakeley during Bachelor Pad 3's game-changing season finale, presenting her with a gorgeous Neil Lane diamond worth approximately $100K. After the tear-inducing engagement, Blakeley packed up her bag of bikini wax (cause she "waxes pu**ies," remember?) and hightailed it to Portland to live with Tony and his son, Taylor!

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Annnnd, things only went downhill from there. Blakeley and Tony broke up after just a few weeks, and our girl B moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina. So, what are these former boo-thangs up to nowadays? Lots, it turns out.

Our little Pied Pieper has found love with a lucky lady named Amanda Durfee who is also a single mom! When he isn't busy chillin with his new lady friend (they just celebrated their one year anniversary!), he can be found oiling up his abdominal muscles — or as we like to call them "The Rocky Mountains" — for fitness competitions.

His body is a wonderland, guys.

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As for Blakeley, this former Hooters waitress is an esthetician and owner of her very own business, Couture Artistry! She also works at Nue Brows To Brazilians — and yes, they specialize in full body waxing. But what's the deal with Blakeley's love life? What isn't the deal with it. This gal is head over heels for a mystery man with face and neck tattoos, and even called him her "everything"! Also, he randomly gave her a 1975 Ford Torino Elite, so what's not to love?

Sure, we're sad that Blakeley and Tony couldn't make their relationship work, but it's great to know that they're both living life to the fullest with new pieces of arm candy. And remember, they'll always have Paris that weird airstream they made out in.

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