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The Bachelor

Remember Bachelor 14 Couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi? Where Are They Now?

The Bachelor 14 was a beautiful season full of hijinks and cockpits, a glorious love journey wherein Bachelor Jake Pavelka popped the question to finalist Vienna Girardi. These two were flying high on the wings of love (get it? Because Jake's a pilot?), but sadly their airplane of romance crashed and burned. Metaphors, guys!

Just a few months after they got engaged on the March 2010 finale, Jake and Vienna called it quits in the least amicable way ever: in a TV special. Not only did Jake accuse Vienna of cheating, she accused him of being a fame whore, and then revealed that Jake refused to have sex with her because he was "fasting" (um, OK, then).

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To make matters worse, it was revealed that Jake called off their engagement over the phone because he was too busy rehearsing for Drop Dead Diva to dump her face-to-face. This is what fasting does to you, Jake. Didn't your Pilot Code of Honor teach you better manners?

Anyway, it goes without saying that Jake and Vienna are no longer in each other's lives, and they're definitely better for it! Jake is currently living in Texas where he works as a pilot (
dude just flew an entire team of lady volleyball players across the country...), and he'll be making his return to television this coming January in the Food Network primetime series Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. Don't mind if we do!

We love how smoothly he's made the transition to playing a pilot on classic soap The Bold and the Beautiful to just, like, being a chef? But also a pilot? Who knows, it's all very meta.

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When it comes to Jake's dating life it appears as though he's still single after splitting from Kristin Chenoweth in February 2013, so lord knows how bitter he is about the fact that Vienna has a new man.

We don't know much about this heartbreaker other than the fact that he and Vienna own a couple dogs together and
she calls him "the boyfriend," but apparently the dude can catch lobsters with his bare hands, so we're thinking he's a keeper.

In other news, Vienna has been working it at a new job as the manager of Soft Rock Inc, an Orlando based software company. Girlfriend is moving on up in the world, much like Jake, when he's flying an airplane.

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