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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Peter Pan Attacks Rumple in Season 3, Episode 11 (VIDEO)

With the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time rapidly approaching, we’re clinging to the last bit of pixie dust and praying that Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) is unable to re-cast the curse that will wipe the memories of all Storybrooke residents, making them slaves of “The New Neverland.” In Season 3, Episode 11 — “Going Home,” we’re going to see the end of Pan’s storyline, but that won’t come without one last epic showdown with his estranged son, Rumple (Robert Carlyle).

In the promo, Pan awakens from a slumber — in which he and Henry swapped bodies back — only to be hovered over by Rumple. “I thought you would have killed me in my sleep, laddie,” Pan taunts. “I wanted to talk to you,” Rumple responds. “I wanted you to see me and think about what you’ve done.”

And then the showdown begins, though it’s a battle of words at first. “Can’t I be free of you?” Pan ponders. “Oh, you will be,” Rumple counters. “In death.” Oh snap!

While you might think Pan would start to worry that Rumple has put him in cufflinks that strip him of his magic, think again! “Then one last lesson, son. Never make a cage you can’t get out of. I made this cuff, you know, it doesn’t work on me. But on you. Down, boy. Let’s see how you do without magic.”

After Pan tosses his son aside with just the flick of his wrist, he stands over his son and gives one last juicy threat. Not only is Pan going to wipe the town’s memory, but he says he’s going to take it one step forward. “Because of their special meaning to you, I’m going to take their lives,” Pan threatens, making Rumple cower with fear.

What will happen in the midseason finale? Hit the comments and let us know if Rumple will make it out of this one alive!