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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18 Casting: Cody Simpson Says He May Compete in 2014

Is Cody Simpson the first contestant of Dancing With the Stars Season 18? Could he be the spring 2014 winner?

The Australian singer is only 16 — turning 17 in January — but he already has a huge following.

On December 13, he tweeted to his 6,128,000 followers about potentially joining DWTS.

If he really was asked, and he really was looking to his fans for feedback, and they really did want him to do it, then maybe we’ll hear some yes to DWTS news from him after the holidays.

We usually get details on the spring season in February, but we don't usually see celebs openly tweeting about specific casting offers. ABC must be OK with it … right? Maybe they want to use him as an example, like — look at this popular teen star with 6 million followers. He might join the show, so you should join too. Or maybe that would scare potential celebs away.

It doesn’t sound like a good sign for that all Oscar-winners season, but they probably throw out a ton of offers and see what sticks.

If you follow the Kardashians, you may know Cody from his connection to Kylie Jenner. They started appearing in the tabloids with dating rumors back in 2011. He seems to be close to the Ks, so he might have the group's backing if he danced.

What do you think of Cody dancing? Good idea? Not sure?

Source: Twitter