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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 7 Recap — Brandi’s Dog Is Gone!

There are lots of tears, some nudity, and one missing dog on this week's dramatic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 7 recap. So throw on your CVS slippers, invite a squirrel onto your lap, and try not to do any strategizing.

Shots, Shot, Shots — By Which We Mean, Rabies Shots

The episode picks up where last week's left off, as things are tense during dinner on the ladies' Palm Springs vacay. Kyle Richards is deeply hurt by all of the negative things being said, so she gets up to go cry in the bathroom. In a sweet scene, Yolanda Foster finds her and gives her a long hug, ensuring her that things will be okay. Why can't you two be like this more often?!

Lisa Vanderpump also comes by to see what the problem is. But Kim Richards doesn't appreciate Lisa telling her to close the bathroom door while Kim is in there not that we blame Lisa and so Kim fires back and tells Lisa to be more respectful. Is this what Kim thought would improve Kyle's mood?

Spirits perk up as the ladies get silly that night. Brandi flirts with and chases after Carlton Gebbia, while Kyle loses her swimsuit and hops into the pool with Joyce Giraud. Now this is a vacation. But things are still tense, with Brandi telling Lisa to stop strategizing. The only strategy we see Lisa hatching is one that involves getting bottles of alcohol away from Brandi's mouth.

The ladies agree to a tenuous detente in the morning as they ride a gondola into the air to see some wildlife. However, the only wildlife that seems to be around are millions of squirrels, which Kim and Carlton are delighted to have all around them and in their laps. Even Dr. Doolittle would tell those ladies that they're spending too much time with animals.

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Brandi Is Doggone Upset

The women share a peaceful lunch, although things get a bit awkward when the ladies make cracks about Kim kneeling down to pray right next to a trash can. We're not sure why Lisa feels the need to laugh at Kim, given the ups and downs that Kim has endured lately.

Finally, the ladies are settling in for the evening when Brandi calls her assistant, Cameron, and learns that her home has been broken into and one of her dogs, Chica, is missing. Brandi is understandably beside herself and can't believe that Chica is missing. Joyce tries to comfort Brandi by telling her that she's lost a dog before, but this sets Brandi off, who tells Joyce to stop competing with everyone.

Brandi shouts numerous expletives over the phone and chastises her assistant for having lost her dogs for a second time this week. Then, Brandi hops into a car that night and is headed back home to try to track down Chica. Sadly, we know that Chica was never found.

Credit: Ben Cohen/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Our Overall Thoughts

There are some brief moments of levity, but the episode is bookended by two very serious scenes, with Kyle breaking down and then Brandi worried about her missing dog. We feel very sorry for both these ladies. It was nice to see Yolanda comfort Kyle, and we would hope that pleasant moments would continue between these two, but judging by the not-kind words they both said about each other in their Bravo blogs last week, we don't think that's the case.

And we understand that Brandi is distraught, but it is a shame that she had to scold Joyce for trying to empathize with her. Speaking of Brandi, it's fascinating to see the cracks start to form in her relationship with Lisa, as she makes that "strategize" comment to Lisa seemingly out of nowhere this week. Perhaps there isn't one big reason for Brandi and Lisa's falling out but a series of small moments.

Now, we're looking forward to Yolanda's party next week, as it appears to be quite tense. If anyone needs us, we'll be staying far away from any and all squirrels.