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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Cynthia Bailey Worried About Kenya Moore and Her Husband Peter Thomas?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is dropping hints about what we can expect from future episodes this season. And she's also weighing in on whether she trusts husband Peter Thomas around Kenya Moore.

You may recall that Kenya danced provocatively for Peter in Anguilla last season. So is Cynthia worried about something happening between Peter and Kenya? Hardly.

"Why would you want Kenya when you can have Cynthia Bailey?" Cynthia says. "If she did [proposition Peter], it wouldn’t work ‘cause he’s not checking for her." There you go.

Cynthia has said that she isn't okay with Kenya and Phaedra Parks's husband Apollo Nida having texted back and forth. "Obviously, enough happened for it to get to this point," Cynthia says. "If we’re not speaking, and we hate each other, and you’re texting my husband, that’s a problem."

Cynthia is hoping that the drama surrounding those texts will go away. "We tend to really beat a dead horse on this show," Cynthia says frankly.

But don't worry about their being a lack of future storylines this season. "We haven’t even got into the crazy, crazy yet," she adds. "This is the most unpredictable crazy season I’ve ever seen."

Do you think Cynthia should be worried about Peter and Kenya?

Source: S2S Magazine