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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Stars Lisa Vanderpump and Joyce Giraud Besties?

Joyce Giraud and Lisa Vanderpump haven't been particularly chummy this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So are the two friends these days?

Joyce and Lisa never seemed to get off on the right foot, with their first main interaction being when Lisa supposedly didn't want Joyce to fix her hair, leading Brandi Glanville to call Joyce to offer her support. When Joyce tried to take Lisa aside and talk to her about the situation, Lisa wasn't having it.

Joyce appears on Watch What Happens Live and is asked whether she thinks Lisa is being condescending when she calls people "darling."

"I have to say, Lisa and I went through a long process to our relationship, but we're in a really good place, and I really do like Lisa," Joyce says.

"I think she has the right intentions, and she's a very classy and gorgeous woman," Joyce adds.

Indeed, we'd gotten the sense that Lisa and Joyce had patched things up, as Lisa said recently in her Bravo blog that she wishes she had listened to Joyce during the hair debate and wishes she had spoken up in defense of Joyce when Brandi was targeting her at dinner last week.

Are you surprised that Joyce and Lisa are now friendly?

Source: Bravo