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The Truth About Buzz’s Girlfriend: 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Home Alone

It's not Christmas without Home Alone! The 1990 tale of Kevin McCallister, a precocious kid left to his own devices for the holidays, rapidly became a Christmas standard, and launched the career of child star Macaulay Culkin — now in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band.

Although Home Alone and its first sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, are amazing films, there's more to them that meets the eye! Read on for seven things you may not have known about our favorite Christmas comedy.

Buzz's Girlfriend Was a Boy

Home Alone's producers thought it'd be cruel to cast an actual young girl as Buzz's girlfriend from the infamous "WOOF" photo, so they cast a young boy to make unattractive instead! Thankfully, as actor Devin Ratray said to Yahoo!, "the art director had a son that was more than willing to volunteer."

Kevin's Little Brother Was Played By Macaulay's IRL Little Brother

Kieran Culkin, who eventually became a movie star in his own right, played Kevin's Pepsi-chugging little brother, Fuller. Kieran went on to star in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Igby Goes Down, and The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Originally, the Whole House Was Supposed to Be Evil

Unfortunately, they ran out of money before they could make a sentient house, according to AMC. They had to settle for just the evil furnace, which taunted Kevin with a "Ha ha ha. Hello, Kevin."

The Movie Kevin Uses to Fake Out the Pizza Guy Isn’t Real

That film that Kevin watches on TV in that infamous movie dialogue scene? It's a fake movie! It's called Angels With Filthy Souls, a parody of the 1938 gangster movie Angels with Filthy Faces. The fake movie scenes were shot on cardboard sets before filming for the rest of Home Alone began.

A sequel, Angels With Filthier Souls, was recorded for Home Alone 2.

Credit: © 1990 20th Century Fox    

Robert De Niro Turned Down a Role

Joe Pesci played one of the crooks hunting Kevin, but originally, his Goodfellas co-star Robert De Niro was offered one of Home Alone's baddie roles. He turned it down, according to AMC. Too bad — he never got a piece of that.

People Used Home Alone as Proof Elvis Was Alive

We're sure you're aware of the ol' "Elvis is alive" conspiracy, but did you know that those who believe the King never died love the film Home Alone? Some Elvis devotees say that an extra standing behind Kevin's mom at the airport as a dead ringer for the Hound Dog singer.

The Talkboy Started Out as a Home Alone 2 Prop

'90s kids remember the Talkboy, a handheld tape recorder that distorts the pitch of the user's voice. Kevin had one in Home Alone 2, but at the time the film was written, it wasn't a real-world product! The real tape recorder became available due to popular demand after kids saw Kevin using his sweet piece of cutting-edge technology.

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