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The Bachelorette

Top 3 Ali Moments from The Bachelorette Episode 6.1

Ali is more than just the girl next door. That's one lesson we can definitely take away from the season premiere of The Bachelorette. She is kind — too kind, at times — to her 25 bachelors, indulging their odd behavior and making them feel comfortable enough to dial up the crazy. We thank her for that. In these three moments, Ali shows us you can be a mega-whiny hater one season and a warm and tipsy giggler the next.

3. I’d love to see your scrapbook!

"It is impressive!" Ali says, scrolling through what has to be the most cringe-worthy document used to woo a woman since Ryan Sutter's poem for Trista in Season 1. But, hey, that worked for Ryan so maybe Kirk DeWindt is onto something. Then again, probably not. This scrapbooking train could've derailed in 100 different ways, but sweetie pie Ali jumps right in, saving this poor soul from a very embarassing moment. Because, really, Kirk is no Shooter. He's just a sweet guy who spent eight hours glue sticking pictures of his "gorgeous mother" into a book that reminds us all to "be ridiculous." Kirk is probably the only person more surprised to see Ali taking the time to page through it than we are.

2. Ali's booze-soaked laughter

Ali has a very ... how do you say ... expressive face. She definitely reveals her many insecurities later, but on premiere night it's basic first-day jitters that seem to be winning the race for top emotion. She takes care of that with a bit of bubbly and becomes extra bubbly herself. First, she tells Chris Lambton "have a good night" instead of "see you inside," then laughs in embarrassment at her own error. Then she also coos in sympathy at her wounded bird, Justin "Rated-R" Rego, and cackles hysterically at Shooter, whom she calls "brave" for telling his disgusting story. We've seen Ali's bossy streak on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, (Remember when she told Jake he would get a "talking to" if he kept Vienna after the RV trip? Good times!), but tonight she shows her Jillian Harris side: cute, silly, giggly, open, and accepting. We bet it doesn't last — we pray it doesn't last — but it's nice to see it exists.

1. I've got your back

Ali lays down the law right from the start of the meet and greet with her bachelors. "We're all here to find love and I just want you to be real with me. Be open. Be honest. And have my back, because I’m going to have your back." Short, sweet and totally legit as an opener. It's a much better way to ask for truth and loyalty than Kasey Kahl's stalk-tastic spiel about wanting to "guard and protect" her heart.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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