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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards Had a “Heart to Heart” — Now Brandi Wants to Call People Out!

It's good to know that the friendship between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards just keeps getting stronger. But things between Brandi and certain other people aren't nearly as good.

Brandi took to Twitter on the evening of December 18 to inform her followers that she just had a long and perhaps revealing chat with Kim.

"Heading to bed, just had a heart-to-heart with @KimRichards11," Brandi tweets. "I soooooo wanna call bullst on so many people and things right now!"

"So many people that I loved and I thought I trusted are pieces of ST!" Brandi continues that night. "Good night, be good human beings xb."

Wow! This is certainly disappointing, since it's tough to hear that Brandi feels betrayed by people. So whom might she be referring to? Hmmm.

Brandi's tweet the following morning just might shed light on whom Brandi is so upset with. "Certain 'real housewives' can't seem to stop talking about me," Brandi tweets on December 19. "I actually feel bad that they have nothing interesting to say about themselves :/"

Judging by that final tweet, it appears that Brandi is referring to Joyce Giraud, given that Joyce discussed her feelings about Brandi on Watch What Happens Live this week. But we can't imagine that Brandi has ever "trusted" Joyce, so maybe she's also referring to Lisa Vanderpump? It's tough to tell.

Which co-stars do you think Brandi might be referring to?

Source: Brandi on Twitter