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Christian Bale Gained Triple-Digits of Weight to Play Batman

Actors are always slimming down or bulking up their physiques for TV and film roles, but few have gone to such extremes as Christian Bale did before he filmed Batman Begins.

As the movie aired last night (December 19) on Syfy, Wetpaint asked Viggle LIVE! users if they knew exactly how many pounds the Welch actor put on to play the Dark Knight.

Only four percent of you picked the correct answer: the then-29-year-old gained a whopping 100 pounds. The vast majority of you — close to 90 percent — guessed a much more reasonable 50 pounds, while six percent thought he gained only five pounds. (That's, like, a Thanksgiving dinner, people.)

According to IMDb, when Christian landed the part, he had just finished filming The Machinist, for which he had to appear emaciated and weighed only 120 pounds. Christopher Nolan told him to become "big as you could be" so he started a six-month diet and exercise regimen and got up to 220 pounds.

Funnily enough, he was then deemed too large — crewmembers calling him "Fatman" — and quickly dropped 20 pounds to look leaner and meaner!

And speaking of fat, Christian gained 43 pounds of it to play his beer-bellied character in the current movie American Hustle. Gotta admire the guy's commitment!

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12.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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