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Mariah Carey

Bikini-Clad Mariah Carey Walks Dog in Snow, Gets Cute With Dem Babies (PHOTOS)

All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is to show off her rockin' bod.

The sexy mother of 2.5-year-old twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe (aka Dem Babies) shared a few holiday photos on Instagram on Sunday, December 22.

The photo at left is Mimi freezing her tush off as she walks her dog in the snow … while wearing a bikini. As we all do sometimes, right?

Maybe not. Even Mariah seems to know it’s odd, explaining it with "It's just a tradition #aspen #coldyethot"

Her other bikini photo is just plain hot.

The diva poses in front of a huge Christmas tree in a silky red robe, writing, "Warming up for the hottub moments!"

You're in luck, Nick Cannon!

The last photo is simply sweet.

Apparently the hot tub wasn't just for Mom and Dad, since Mimi shared "Misty wonderland with dembabies! ♥"

Aww! What a cute little family moment.

Do you think Nick was taking the photos? If not, who was?

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