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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 8 Recap — Yolanda’s Shocking Dinner Party!

Have a heart! In tonight's recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 8: "She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not," Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud are definitely not fans of each other, Carlton Gebbia's new sex dungeon kinda creeps us out, and Yolanda Foster has a very artistic subconscious.

Stop and Smell the Roses Drama

At the start of the episode, Yolanda is preparing for her dinner party, which of course means she's spending a grand on flowers, like we all do. Brandi joins Kyle and Kim Richards to look for her lost dog, Chica, to no avail.

Carlton and her nanny discuss plans to create a sex den in her home. Yikes. Lisa Vanderpump is making quite a fair amount of demands of her construction crew over at her in-development bar, Pump, and Kim Richards is parting ways with beloved dog Kingsley so that he can get some (much-needed) intensive training.

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It's time for Yolanda's dinner party. Buckle up. Carlton has unexpectedly canceled due to illness, which Yolanda's husband, David, finds insulting. Valid point, David. Kyle and Brandi share a ton of laughs together on the ride to the party, although they don't keep up the good vibes at the shindig itself.

No One Is Singing Anyone's Praises

Kyle feels that the other ladies are being cliquey, which she feels is reinforced by the fact that Yolanda drew hearts on her closest friends' name cards. Did Yolanda do it on purpose? She claims not to have, but it's a little hard to tell what to think.

Brandi, meanwhile, is enjoying herself as far as the booze is considered, so Lisa wants her to lay off the sauce. Good luck with that. After Joyce's speech, Brandi says Joyce only got second in the beauty pageant, and then Brandi comments on Joyce calling her husband "baby." Does this mean that Brandi doesn't love Justin Bieber's song "Baby" as much as we do? For shame!

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Finally, the impressive Canadian Tenors perform, and the party is mercifully brought to a close. Joyce and Michael debate whether or not Brandi's 'tude is a result of her drinking.

Our Overall Thoughts

If nothing else, tonight's episode proves 1.) how incompatible Brandi and Joyce really are, and 2.) how awesome Yolanda's fridge is. But did Yolanda mean to draw those hearts? We're not sure, but is it really such a bad thing if she did? And should Kyle perhaps not have pointed the hearts out? Either way, we appreciate seeing that Brandi and the Richards sister are getting closer.

Now we can't wait for next week's drama. If anyone needs us, we'll be spending all of our money on flowers.