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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud on Brandi Glanville: “At First I Really Thought She Had Good Intentions”

The drama between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud seemed to start once Brandi called Joyce to talk to her about the hair drama involving Lisa Vanderpump. So how did Joyce feel when Brandi initially called her?

"[Brandi] called me right after Carlton’s lunch and said she wanted to check on me because Lisa had been very rude to me," Joyce tells All About TRH. "At first, I really thought she had good intentions. I thanked her for calling me and told her it was all good. I said maybe Lisa was having a bad day, and that's why she was rude to me."

"Then, she told me that Lisa is the type of person that can give criticism but she cant take it, and that she would mention it in her confessional," Joyce continues. "I cut her off and said, 'I’m confused… Isn’t Lisa your BFF?' Then she said, 'Yeah… I love her, but she really is off sometimes. She can give criticism, but she can’t take it.'"

Joyce wishes that the show's viewers could have seen the lunch between herself and Yolanda Foster when Yolanda first asked her about Brandi's phone call. "Hairgate was so blown out of proportion," she says. "I wish you all could’ve seen Yolanda’s lunch so you could understand where I was coming from when I was telling Lisa."

Do you think Brandi had good intentions with her phone call to Joyce?

Source: All About TRH