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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud Responds to Brandi Glanville’s Open Letter: It’s “Slightly Comedic” That She Blames Me

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville posted an open letter recently about Joyce Giraud on Facebook. Now, as you might have imagined, Joyce is sharing her opinions on that letter.

In the open letter, Brandi takes Joyce to task for "comments, accusations, and labels" that Brandi says Joyce has made. Brandi says a scene that is likely to appear later this season will show Joyce's true colors, and "it's not pretty."

In response, Joyce took to Twitter on December 22. "Have asked about the 'open letter' Brandi wrote on Facebook," Joyce writes. "Slightly comedic that she blames her behavior on me. Wish they would show EVERYTHING."

"Trust me... if they did, it would only be uglier for her as she was worse than anything you've seen for NO reason," Joyce adds. "I NEVER did anything to her!"

"She insults me for everything I do!" Joyce continues. "At this point, I have to laugh about it, too. She attacks but gets pissed if I say anything."

This week's episode featured even more tension between these two at Yolanda Foster's dinner party.

Whose side are you on in the feud between Brandi and Joyce?

Source: Joyce Giraud on Twitter