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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will April and Arizona Have More Scenes Together? Sarah Drew Says…

At first glance, Grey’s Anatomy’s Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and April (Sarah Drew) don’t seem to have much in common — except for the fact that they’ve both had a pretty rough year when it comes to love. Arizona had to deal with her crumbling marriage while Sarah had to give up on Jackson (Jesse Williams) and force herself to move on with Matthew (Justin Bruening). So we were totally surprised when we realized that two of our favorite surgeons actually make awesome/hilarious BFFs… and drinking buddies.

Now, our question is this: will we get to see more April and Arizona bonding (preferably over drinks) in Season 10?

According to Sarah’s recent live chat with Spreecast, yes! “I think that we’re gonna have more and more stuff together,” Sarah said. “Everybody got really excited about the April and Arizona friendship, and I did too.”

“It’s funny, because once we had those scenes in the closet, we were kind of like, ‘well, obviously they should be friends. Why has this not happened yet?’” Sarah said — which is pretty much exactly what we were thinking, too. “So it was really, really fun for them to kind of find each other.”

“April hasn’t really had a best friend outside of Jackson throughout her time on the show, so it’s really fun to find another kindred spirit,” Sarah added. “So yeah, we’ll definitely see more of that. That’s coming.”

What kind of scenes do you want to see between April and Arizona? Sound off below!

Source: Spreecast