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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lauren Manzo Gets Amazing Christmas Gift From Her Fiancé — What Is It?

It looks more and more like Lauren Manzo found herself a real keeper! The newly engaged business owner of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame just scored herself a stunning new handbag courtesy of her honey, Vito Scalia. No doubt, Caroline Manzo's daughter knows a good find when she sees one… and we're not talking about the purse.

Lauren went on Twitter to boast about her fiancé's good taste.

"My @VitoScalia3 has been trained on the art of gift giving well… #celine #whataprettyface," Lauren wrote, next to an image of the extravagant gift.

Credit: Twitter    

Based on the picture, which shows a closeup of the Céline bag's brand name, it appears that Lauren's new purse is the Luggage Phantom in Calfskin Red from the Fall 2013 collection, which probably ran Vito a few thousand dollars. Not too shabby for the guy working the deli counter.

Of course, Vito doesn't just slice salami and make sandwiches at The Best of Little Italy Deli — he basically owns the joint, along with the rest of his family. And now that Lauren is officially becoming a Scalia, it's time to share the wealth with his future wife.

We're not super surprised to see Vito spoil his lady with an authentic Céline bag. Let's not forget the drop-dead gorgeous — not to mention massiveengagement ring he put on Lauren's finger when he proposed a few months back.

Lauren is one lucky gal.

What do you think of Lauren's deep red Céline handbag? Share your opinions in the comments section below!