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Real Housewives of New Jersey

New Real Housewives of New Jersey Feud? Melissa Gorga and New Housewife Amber Marchese Fighting — Report

We've gotten used to Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice going at it on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it appears that those two have put their differences aside for the upcoming Season 6. However, rumor has it that Melissa and new cast member Amber Marchese are having serious issues.

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All About TRH is reporting that Amber has been giving Melissa a hard time during the filming. "Amber is picking on Melissa because she supposedly knows her from the past," reveals a source. However, the source doesn't think this is wise on Amber's part, saying, "These new girls are walking into the lion’s den."

"This is New Jersey, with some of the biggest bitches of all time — you have to be able to have thick skin to survive," adds the source. "The [Napolitano] twins aren’t having any problems fitting in. They speak their mind and don’t put up with any BS, but if Amber is going to start with Melissa, she better realize what she’s dealing with." Fightin' words!

Radar Online agrees about the Melissa-Amber beef. "There is an Old Housewives vs. New Housewives feud boiling, and Melissa won’t let these newbies talk s—t about her or her family," says a source.

"Amber wants to make a splash, so she fought with the twins and Melissa [recently]," adds the insider. "[Amber] wants to be an actress, so she’s trying to play it up for the cameras."

Of course, we'll have to wait until the season airs (or at least until we get a preview) to know how true these rumors are, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see some New Housewives vs. Old Housewives drama. After all, what's the point of bringing in fresh blood if they don't provide fresh drama, too?

Are you surprised that Amber is fighting with Melissa? And do you think you'll like Amber?

Sources: All About TRH, Radar Online