The Voice 2013 Behind the Scenes: Adam Levine Impersonates Blake Shelton! (VIDEO)
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Behind the Scenes: Adam Levine Impersonates Blake Shelton! (VIDEO)

One thing (well, not the only thing) The Voice has over American Idol is the ease with which its coaches relate to one another — laughs, gags, and good natured ribbing abound, but even more so behind the scenes. We’ll see if Harry Connick, Jr. might be able to swing the momentum his way with his lighthearted personality on the upcoming season of Idol but, in the meantime, we lo-oo-oo-ve going behind the scenes with the judges on The Voice.

NBC released the “What You Didn’t See” video from the battle rounds, which shows a lot of shenanigans going on during rehearsals. We even hear a “totes amazing” out of OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and an “amazeballs” from resident hottie judge Adam Levine. We’re somehow taught the lessons of “how to unleash the dragon” by Ryan, too. The best part, though, may have been Adam’s twangy impression of frenemy, Blake Shelton.

Some of the contestants even loosened up quite a bit, with Cee Lo Green’s Caroline Pennell gently stroking the face of battle contender Anthony Paul (who was just stolen by judge Christina Aguilera) in an uncomfortable yet hilarious moment.

Apropos of nothing (but it sure made us laugh), Cee Lo talked about having too many Reese’s peanut butter cups (we’re so with you on that one) and said, “I’ve seen a monkey ride a bicycle.” Cee Lo’s contestant Kate Robichaud seemed to get emotional as she explained that tender moment at a person’s wedding when the couple embraces and you cry, having been touched to be included on their big day. Cee Lo squashed that like a bug, saying, “And then you start crying because you know they’re going to get a divorce.”

Oh, Cee Lo.

Who do you think has more fun? The Idol judges or those on The Voice panel?

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