Dancing With the Stars 2013’s Bill Nye Injured — Will He Perform? (UPDATE)
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Dancing With the Stars 2013’s Bill Nye Injured — Will He Perform? (UPDATE)

Science may rule, but getting injured after performing on a nationwide dance show certainly does not! Dancing With the Stars 2013 contestant Bill Nye was hospitalized after an injury during his Paso Doble performance during the September 23 show.

Update (September 28, 2013): It looks like Bill Nye may be the benched Science Guy on the September 30 episode of DWTS. Over the weekend, he revealed that he "did not nor could not dance" at a wedding, and there have been no positive comments from him or partner Tyne Stecklein since. Based on the two photos of his super-swollen knee (one on September 27 and the other during rehab on the 28th), he's going to have trouble walking for a while, let alone dancing in the ballroom. While we'd love to see him on the show, it may be better for his health if he bows out tonight.

Update (September 26, 2013): While Bill is up and around, he's worried that he can't rehearse. He tweeted today that he's en route to New York state to attend a wedding with partner Tyne Stecklein in tow, but it's not necessarily to practice. "Not sure if we can rehearse with 20 percent of quad tendon," he wrote. Oh no! Fingers crossed that he has a speedy recovery. (We'll be chanting, "Bill, Bill, Bill!")

Update (September 25, 2013): Bill posted a photo on Instagram of him with his knee taped up, explaining that he partially tore a ligament. He captioned the photo of him and partner Tyne Stecklein at the hospital: "Here is the scoop: partially torn ligament. Awaiting the doc's orders with Tyne. We plan to dance! Stand by..."

We're nervous for him. Performing with an injury is never smart, but thankfully, the dynamic duo has five days to rehearse so he can recover. Feel free to leave your thoughts and well wishes for Bill in the comments below!

Dancing With the Stars 2013’s Bill Nye Injured — Will He Perform? (UPDATE)
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Original story (September 24, 2013):

Entertainment Tonight reports the news, saying that the 57-year-old is currently being treated for his injuries. "We can confirm Bill Nye was injured during his performance last night and is currently seeking medical attention," ABC tells the site. "We will continue to keep you posted on his progress.”

Though plenty of viewers love Bill for his quirky sense of humor and funny antics, his dancing scores these first two weeks have been low. He received the lowest score of the night during Season 17, Week 1, and the second-lowest score for Week 2.

Though we didn’t see the exact moment during the dance when Bill injured himself, his partner Tyne Stecklein can clearly be heard asking him, “You OK?” immediately after the performance ends. Bill nods his head yes, but the look of pain on his face tells a different story.

Tyne later told host Tom Bergeron that they "tripped” toward the end of the dance, and Bill gives another not-so-convincing “yes” when Tom asks if he’s OK. We’re glad that Bill is getting treated for his injury, and we hope to see him back on the dance floor soon. (And if that silly mad scientist wig wants to make another appearance, you certainly won’t hear us complain! Who doesn’t love the Science Guy?)

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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