Bachelorette 2013’s Brandon Andreen Made a Bomb Threat? Rumor Patrol
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Bachelorette 2013’s Brandon Andreen Made a Bomb Threat? Rumor Patrol

Looks like Bachelorette 2013's Brandon Andreen has quite a troubled past! This mega-hunk might seem like an angelic stud muffin, but don't be fooled by his innocent puppy eyes –– Brandon has an arrest record!

Word on the street is that Desiree Hartsock's sexiest contestant was charged with making a bomb threat at a General Motors plant back in 2005. Uhhhh, come again? Apparently, The National Enquirer (aka The New York Times of tabloids) came across court documents which state that Brandon was working as a telemarketer in Minnesota, when he decided it would be a good idea to "prank" GM. His genius plan? Posing as an FBI agent and telling a worker that there was a “highly explosive device” in their elevator shaft.

According to The National Enquirer, Brandon was initially charged with a felony, but managed to nab himself a plea bargain and walk away with a misdemeanor and a $1,000+ fine. Yikes! Brandon's thoughts on the subject? “I have no comment…" he told The National Enquirer. "It was all a misunderstanding.”

Who knows if this story is true (though Brandon isn't exactly denying it...), but we can confirm that this eligable bachelor was arrested on September 25, 2008, after driving with a revoked license. Not quite as dramatic as making a bomb threat, but still. Here's to hoping that this dude stays out of trouble for the rest of Des' season!

Source: National Enquirer via RadarOnline