The Voice 2013’s Sasha Allen on “Sasha Fierce” Nickname: “Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Compared to Beyonce?” — Exclusive
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The Voice

The Voice 2013’s Sasha Allen on “Sasha Fierce” Nickname: “Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Compared to Beyonce?” — Exclusive

After two epic live performances on last night’s episode of The Voice, Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen was called “Sasha Fierce” by coach Usher. It might be the most appropriate nickname a contestant has received on the show.

Sasha melted some faces singing Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way,” and kicked some ass with Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the sexy singer and mother of two on the red carpet after the show where she was still reeling from her performances.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Usher called you Sasha Fierce. Was that a big moment?

Sasha Allen: It’s huge. I look up to [Beyonce] so much and to be slightly compared I mean I don’t even want to compare myself. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to Beyonce?

That was a pretty fierce moment. And then you ripped the dress off!

Oh, did you like it? I’ve gotta see it. I gotta go watch it.

How many times did you rehearse the ripping off of the dress?

Oh my gosh, it was a pain. We were back there and I just kept ripping it off just to make sure that it worked. In rehearsal I stepped on it and it didn’t look good and I thought, “God forbid this happens at show time,” but it didn’t.

Can you talk about your second song choice tonight?

That was Shakira’s decision and I think it was a great choice. It was fiery and sassy and you got to see two different sides … and I got to strut!

Whose ideas were the dress ripping and the strutting?

You know, someone was just asking me that question. I have no idea. It’s like such a big collaboration of what they want to happen so I don’t even know who to give credit to.

How are you handling the pressure of getting closer to the finals?

Not thinking of it just thinking of it as a great concert that you’re doing. Mondays are usually a lot more fun than Tuesdays. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. All you can do is do your best.

How do you feel about Adam Levine hurting over the fact that he let you go?

It’s so funny. This happens every week now. At first I really liked it but now I think he’s being tortured. It’s fun though.

What are you going to say to him if you go all the way?

[Whispers] I told you! No. You know what? The person I was battling is still here Amber [Carrington] — so it proves that he probably had a tough choice.

The Voice 2013’s Sasha Allen on “Sasha Fierce” Nickname: “Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Compared to Beyonce?” — Exclusive
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What’s one important thing that Shakira has taught you?

Just be honest with everything that you do. If you’re going to strut, do it honestly. If you’re a fierce diva, then be a fierce diva. If you want to sing, make sure your tone is great and I think those are just good life lessons.

Give us a glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes on Team Shakira.

Lots of talks about hair, how you’re going to do your makeup … we talk about the whole shebang and that’s what you want from a megastar coach.

Are you picking up the hip thrusting moves and all that?

You know what, we haven’t had time to do that yet, but I feel like I should get those moves in.

Do you think Sasha has a chance of winning? Tell us below!

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