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Naya Rivera

Demi Lovato Sends Racy Tweet to Naya Rivera and Fiance on New Year’s Day

Demi Lovato (Dani) spent New Year’s Eve performing at Niagara Falls in Canada — and making out with herself — and the pop star seems to have spent the next day keeping very busy with... Photoshop?

On January 1, Demi tweeted a hilarious photo that shows her eyes, nose, and gigantic grin ‘shopped onto the face of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting.

“Mona Lisa, Lisa Moanin’” is part of the opening lyrics to Big Sean’s song, “Mona Lisa.” The rapper saw Demi’s tweet and quickly responded by tweeting the next line in his song, ”got that drank n that muthaf—in refer blowing! #HOF” (#HOF being “Hall of Fame,” the name of his latest album.)

Demi’s Glee co-star and onscreen girlfriend, Naya Rivera (Santana), has yet to join in the little Twitter exchange, but we couldn’t help but notice the next lyrics in Big Sean’s song: “I tell her f—k with me and you could be something / Yo girl so bad I want the threesome / Threesome trying to have a threesome / Look at my watch 'bout three somethin' / Threesome trying to have a threesome / F—k with me and you could be something.”

Is Demi trying to imply something? That certainly could be one way for Demi, Naya, and Sean to ring in the New Year. And we’re pretty sure Sean wouldn’t complain about it one bit, either.

Sources: Demi Lovato and Big Sean on Twitter