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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Speculation: How Would Everyone React to Katherine’s Death?

Guess what, gang? There’s a pretty good chance Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) will bite it in the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries. We know how we would react to that particular plot development cue ugly crying but how might the TVD characters? Here’s how we think reaction to Katherine’s death would go down.

Elena: Given that Elena recently stood by and watched as Damon fed Katherine to Silas (an action everyone thought would end in her death), we’re guessing she’s not going to be too torn up about Katherine’s demise. Since Katherine showed up on the scene, she has made Elena’s life a living hell. She killed her brother and tried to kill her. Let’s just put it this way: We doubt Elena’s going to be ugly-crying along with us.

Damon: Did we mention that Damon recently almost-killed Katherine? Having said that, we think Damon’s reaction to Katherine’s death would be a bit more complicated than Elena’s. After all, he loved the sassy vamp for more than 100 years. We don’t think he would be too broken up about her demise, but it’s got to be weird to have someone you have known (and loved) for more than a century be gone for good.

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Stefan: Poor Stefan! He’s had a tough year, and Katherine’s death would only add to the emotional baggage he has recently collected. In trying to deal with his quarry-related PTSD, Katherine has been the person he’s most connected with. He loved her once and, even if he isn’t in love with her again (or so he claims), that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel something for the vampire-turned-human. The TVD Powers That Be have said that Stefan will “be there for Katherine” in her hour-of-need. Maybe we’ll get some ugly-crying out of this one? Just kidding. We’re pretty sure Stefan is incapable of ever looking ugly.

Caroline: Caroline is another complicated case. On the one hand, Katherine killed her, initiating her turn to vampirism. On the other hand, Caroline a) kind of loves being a vampire and b) is one of the most empathetic characters ever. We think she might be a little torn up about Katherine’s maybe-death, especially given the recent sleuthing these two have done together. (They would make the best best friends.)

Matt: Speaking of awesomely empathetic characters, Matt Donovan is our other go-to feeler. Though Katherine may not be his favorite person, he is willing to give anyone a chance as evidenced by his recent training session with Katherine. We think Matt will definitely be sad to see this kind of tragedy go down, especially because he has a connection to Katherine’s daughter, Nadia, who would no doubt be hugely affected by her mother’s death.

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Jeremy: Katherine totally fed Jeremy to Silas, so we’re not holding out for any bedside hand-holding from this one. Though, Katherine did come back to save him from Silas earlier in the season, so you never know.

Bonnie: Bonnie and Katherine haven’t had a huge amount of interaction, but when they have it has usually involved Katherine threatening one of Bonnie’s loved ones, so yeah. No love lost equals no tears cried.

Klaus: We really hope Klaus makes it to Mystic Falls to react to Katherine’s maybe-death because these two have known each other for so long. Sure, it’s been as nemeses, but there is a fine line between love and hate and even though these two probably fall on the latter side of that line, their lives have been inextricably entwined. Klaus is sure to miss the 500-year-old human-again’s presence, if only because they both appreciate a well-executed scheme and there are only so many people around who remember the Middle Ages.

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Elijah: Speaking of the Middle Ages, another character we hope made his way onto the 100th episode guest list is Elijah, aka Katherine’s former vamp love. Back in the day, these two were totally an item before Katherine ditched Elijah to run for her life. They’ve been together more recently, knocking boots as recently as last season before Elijah decided Katherine’s love could not be trusted. Katherine begged the Original vamp to reconsider, but he booked it to New Orleans. Regardless of how they left things, we think Elijah might shed a proper tear at the news of Katherine’s death.

How do you think the TVDers will react to Katherine’s death, should it happen? Share your theories in the comments below! And let us know how you would react to Katherine’s demise!

Catch the next episode of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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