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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Is Mona Working For?

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) is a dastardly enigma, perhaps the most intriguing character on Pretty Little Liars. We have so many questions surrounding Mona and her motivations. But, when it comes down to it, the most pressing just might be: Who is Mona working for?


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The reveal that Ezra is Uber “A” has us scratching our heads about just how he’s pulled off the entire “A” operation. It certainly would help if he had some assistance from someone with experience — say, the Original “A.” We’ve always found it suspicious that Mona would just drop her entire “A” agenda when she was found out. Take it down to a more clandestine level? Sure. Pass the reins to Ezra? Why not! This theory has only been supported by this curious sneak peek we saw into the winter premiere. In the scene, we watch Ezra and Mona share a somewhat confusing conversation outside of school. Is there more to their convo than these master schemers are letting on?



Before Alison left, she and Mona didn’t seem to be on the best of terms, but nothing on this show is ever what it seems. Mona somehow got a hold of Alison’s diaries once she disappeared. We’d always assumed that she stole them, but what if Ali gave them to her? What if Mona helped the queen bee of Rosewood High fake her death? Mona certainly has the smarts for it, and she’s always seemed to know more about what’s going on than anyone else on this show. It would explain Mona’s cozying up to Jason, as well as her interest in getting close to the Liars. Perhaps, she has been vetting the Liars for Alison: ensuring that they are not in league with Ezra, i.e. the person who seems to be hunting her. We kind of love this theory because we think Alison and Mona would make the best team ever. Talk about a fearsome, well-dressed duo!


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As much as we’d like to see Mona scheme with someone else, we’ve never thought she needed anyone to tell her what to do. She’s super clever and isn’t the type to follow orders easily. She’s the type to have minions to whom she issues the orders. We’re not sure why Mona was hanging at that bed and breakfast in the summer finale, but it seemed like Shana was working for her. (Did you guys get that vibe, too?) Mona as the leader of a whole army of minions? Definitely. After all, according to executive producer Marlene King, “Mona is the queen.”

Who do you think Mona is working for? Sound off in the comments below!

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