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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Carlton Gebbia: Joyce’s Husband Is a “Spineless Excuse of a Man”

After Lisa Vanderpump's heated dinner party on this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Carlton Gebbia is sharing some very harsh words for Joyce Giraud and her husband, Michael.

"Joyce, didn't you just blame others for your tagline?" Carlton writes in her Bravo blog about Joyce's "too thin" tagline in the show's opening credits. "Methinks you protest too much! Girls out there are dangerously anorexic."

"So yes, Joyce, you can be too thin, if you're promoting anorexia," she continues. "Be responsible. Wrong message. Oh, and did I remind you that you lied? Now who's the fake?"

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Carlton adds that Michael shouldn't have gotten involved in the argument. "So Joyce, how are you OK with your husband getting right in the middle of an argument with you and another woman?" Carlton says. "It’s been years since I have watched a grown man get involved in an argument with another women. The word 'tool' comes to mind."

"Threatening to take a women down is just a spineless excuse of a man," she continues. "Stop threatening women and take on a man. God knows your woman has a mouth!"

Do you think Carlton has a point about Michael, or does Carlton's criticism go too far?

Source: Carlton's Bravo blog