Is The Bachelor New Tonight — January 5, 2014?
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The Bachelor

Is The Bachelor New Tonight — January 5, 2014?

The Bachelor, you guys. THE BACHELOR! El Soltero, as one might say in Spanish. Oh, did we mention you might want to brush up on your Spanish? You should, because it’s on. It’s on tonight, January 5. It’s all happening!

Juan Pablo Galavis is the man with the plan — a plan to hand out roses, that is — and this special Sunday edition of The Bachelor is our first chance to see him in action. On the first part of this two-night The Bachelor Season 18 “Countdown to Juan Pablo” fun run, we’ll see plenty of Juan Pabs; quite a bit of host with the most, Chris Harrison; and get to know a little about the ladies. At least, that’s the word on the street.

ABC didn’t think we’d have enough to do on our Sundays in January, so make sure no one got a case of the winter sads, they’ve given us a whole month of roses. Hallelujah! According to the press wires, we’ll get a “more in-depth look” at JPG, see him in his daily life in Miami with his daughter Camila and family, and more.

Want to know why you didn’t make the cut for becoming one of Juan Pablo's 27 lucky ladies? Well, this is your chance to get a peek inside the casting process. And while we might have shed some tears about that very matter already, we’ll get a new lease on life by watching a whole show — from 8-9 p.m. ET/PT — without bawling at the end over who doesn’t get a rose. That’s right, guys: no eliminations, nothing, because ABC is saving all that for the January 6 premiere.

Excited? Duh.

Tune in to watch The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo one-hour special at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC and get ready for a great season of the show!

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