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Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump’s Identity Stolen – Thief Uses Her Credit Card Number to Buy WHAT?

It turns out that there are people who treat Lisa Vanderpump even worse than her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars sometimes do.

Lisa revealed on Twitter on January 4 that she was the victim of identity thief last month. Apparently, a thief somehow got a hold of her credit card number and used it for a big shopping spree throughout the Big Apple.

"Just discovered this, so to the jerk who stole my credit card number and went shopping all over NY in DEC, I hope you at least had a good Xmas," Lisa tweets.

How awful! We hate that Lisa and husband Ken Todd had to deal with this headache, especially just after the harried holiday season. This is so not a good way to kick off the new year.

Indeed, Lisa and Ken have not had a great past few weeks. In late December, Ken was involved in a car crash in which his car was wrecked but he himself was luckily okay.

"Ken is fine, accident wasn't his fault," Lisa tweeted about the incident. "However, I don't think he would get a job as a chauffeur... just saying." Don't kick the poor guy when he's down, Lisa!

Are you surprised that someone was able to swipe Lisa's credit card information?

Source: Lisa on Twitter