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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 10 Recap — Kyle’s Sexy Fashion Show!

It's time for the ladies to strut their stuff in our recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 10: "Catfight on the Catwalk." So get a new neck tattoo, make sure your mannequin doesn't break, and try not to "chastise" anyone.


The episode picks up with the end of last week's dinner party at SUR, with Brandi Glanville still going at it with Joyce Giraud and her husband, Michael. Lisa Vanderpump tries defending Brandi to Joyce, but Joyce isn't having it. Then, Joyce tells us that Brandi is a "stupid little bitch," meaning they're not exactly besties.

It's now time for a continuation of the silliest storyline of the season, as Kim Richards is reunited with unruly dog Kinglsey after boot camp. Kim is told not to reward Kingsley unless the dog specifically does something praiseworthy, but then we immediately see Kim rolling around on the ground with Kingsley. Bad Kim!

As we know, Carlton Gebbia is not a fan of killing bugs, and she's instilled that same principle in her cute daughters, as they throw spiders into the garden while cleaning out their (surprisingly filthy) playhouse. We're just glad Carlton didn't save those spiders to throw at any of her cast members. Then, Joyce and Kyle Richards hit the links for a golf lesson with a very attractive instructor. So that's why people take golf lessons.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

Sticking Your Neck Out

Carlton is accompanied by husband David as she gets a pentagram tattooed on the back of her neck, along with her children's names and her daughter's handwriting. Carlton informs us that the process is extremely painful— ya don't say! — although she does appear to be a fan of lying on her stomach with her face in that hole on the table. We're afraid to ask.

Brandi talks to her friends about her Joyce drama. Yolanda says that Brandi's behavior of late has not been charming and that Brandi needs to change. Hear, hear. And while driving to Kyle's fashion show, Brandi's friend Etirsa tells Brandi that her joke about Joyce not wanting to get into the pool because she's black was "dumb." You can say that again, Etirsa.

It's now time for Kyle's event, which benefits the Children's Hospital. Brandi completely ignores Joyce there, while Etirsa — a modeling coach — teaches Kyle's daughters how to walk the runway, which they're about to do. Kyle's 13-year-old daughter Sophia doesn't want to walk the runway, but Kyle encourages her to do so, and Sophia eventually appears to enjoy herself.

What Is the Meaning of This?

The fashion event ends up being a big success, as we learn that Kyle and Jamie Lee Curtis are longtime friends, going back to when Jamie Lee used to carry a seven-year-old Kyle around on the set of their movie, Halloween. Awww! Carlton is impressed that Kyle was in Halloween — but apparently not impressed enough to have it change her opinion of Kyle. Ouch.

Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

Later, Lisa invites Joyce to her place to clear the air after the SUR brouhaha. Lisa tries to explain that Brandi is going through tough times, but Joyce is having it. However, Lisa decides that she could actually become friends with Joyce. However, Joyce may want to grab a thesaurus for the next time that they meet up, since she asks Lisa what "chastise" and "reprimand" mean.

Our Overall Thoughts

After the past two weeks of very heated dinner parties, it was nice that tonight's episode was relatively conflict-free. Indeed, Brandi and Joyce made the right choice by steering clear of each other so as to not disrupt Kyle's big day. And we applaud Kyle for being involved in such a great charity.

It's also interesting to see Lisa and Joyce start to bond. We definitely understand why Lisa feels the need to make things right with Joyce, since Lisa doesn't have any specific beef with Joyce. Still, it will be interesting to see just how close these two are able to get, given their rocky start. And since Lisa mocks Joyce's vocabulary, we have our doubts.

Now, we can't wait for next week, when Kim and Lisa get into a huge fight after Lisa doesn't attend Kim's daughter's graduation. If anyone needs us, we'll be trying to watch Halloween but then will turn it off after two minutes because it's too scary.