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The Bachelorette

Are Brooks Forester and Michael Garofola Dating Amy Long and Alexis Morgado?

*Warning: A couple spoilers ahead!*

Is Brooks Forester entering 2014 with a new special lady friend — and we don’t mean his dog again?

Desiree Hartsock’s former favorite Bachelorette suitor apparently recycled the same suit he wore on the “After the Final Rose” special for a New Year’s Eve outing with one of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ soon-to-be rejected bachelorettes.

Reality Steve posted the photo on his site, showing Brooks with Amy Long, who will reportedly be dumped next week on Season 18, Episode 2. They aren’t just in the photo together, they are holding hands — with the hands landing dangerously close to his mini Forester! And plenty of other photos on their Instagrams confirm that they were in the same place, at the same time, having some rosetacular fun.

Credit: Reality Steve    

Does this mean Brooks and Amy L. are dating? No, not necessarily. However, our Brooksy-bear tweeted on January 5, “...and so it begins. Wishing @JuanPaGalavis the best on what I am sure will be an amazing adventure.” Early on January 7 — perhaps quoting the great Sharleen JoyntAmy replied, “Thank you Sir.” She also retweeted a post of his from December 31.

Amy lives in Florida, and Brooks is a Utah boy. Maybe they’re doing the long-distance thing, or maybe there’s not much else going on beyond this pic.

According to Steve, after taping her short segment of The Bachelor Season 18, Amy first went back to her ex-boyfriend, a former FSU football player, but then Brooks entered the picture, along with his fellow Season 9-er Michael Garofola. Michael had recently been dating AshLee Frazier but now he too is apparently dipping into the JPG castoffs, and Steve says he’s dating Alexis Morgado, who was fired from rose duty on last night’s premiere

The New Year’s photo from Miami shows Brooks, Amy, Alexis and Michael smiling together. Two guys dumped by Des with two girls who were dumped by a guy dumped by Des. It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all.

We’ll have to keep a close eye on Amy L. during next week’s episode. Is she really worthy of backpacking with Brooks and his adorable dog, or will she be the next victim of his long-winded I’m just not that into you speech?

Sources: Reality Steve, Twitter