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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop: 8 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 9: “Love Is a Battlefield”

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 saw a lot of couples re-evaluating relationships in Episode 9, “Love Is a Battlefield.” On Monday night’s episode, Amina Buddafly questions her marriage with Peter Gunz, Erica Mena tries to salvage her relationship with Cyn Santana and Joe Budden is thinking of making a serious change in his life.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Amina decides to leave Peter, but can’t imagine life without him. Since leaving hubby Peter, Amina has been asking family and friends what they think she should do about Peter cheating on her with his kids’ mother, Tara Wallace. Amina admits that in a drunken fit, she threw her wedding ring in the trash and says she doesn’t want to be around Peter (or have him as her manager), but can not deny that she can’t imagine life without him and will probably not get a divorce.

2. Tara tells Peter that she’s moving on from him. Peter meets up with Tara, who he hasn’t seen much after Tara revealed to Peter’s wife, Amina, that they slept together. Peter isn’t too pleased with the fact that Tara has changed the locks of her apartment, making it hard for him to see the kids (and her) whenever he wants. That’s when Tara drops the bomb that she’s moving from her old apartment, taking the kids, and will be moving on from him. She of course lets him know that he can be involved with his children as much as he wants, but she will not allow him to bounce back and forth between her and Amina.

3. Erica Mena tells Cyn about Rich Dollaz and Cyn explodes. Feeling guilty about kissing ex-boyfriend/manager Rich Dollaz last week, Erica Mena calls her girlfriend Cyn down to her studio session to break the news of her kissing session. When Erica tells Cyn the news, Cyn doesn’t take it too well and things only go from bad to worse when Rich shows up to the studio to work. Still pretty pissed off, Cyn takes her anger out on Rich and the two get into a verbal altercation that Erica tries to break up. Cyn then walks out on Erica, and Erica tells Rich that she has to fight for her relationship with Cyn because he obviously doesn’t want to work on getting back together.

4. Saigon asks Erica Jean to move in with him for their son. Erica Jean and Saigon’s last encounter over their son’s development took them to a counselor who advised that they work on communicating as parents better. Because of this, Saigon asks Erica Jean and their son to move in with him — something that Erica seems pretty hesitant to do considering how their first encounter ended.

Saigon tries to make the deal sweeter by noting that both he and Erica can possibly work on a relationship while living together, but ultimately puts his foot in his mouth when he tells her that she won’t find her “dream man” while shopping in the supermarket.

5. Tahiry admits her true feelings for Joey. While hanging with her sisters at a dance class, Tahiry told her siblings that she was completely over Joe Budden despite him promising her the moon and stars. However, Tahiry started singing a different tune when she met up with her ex Joey for lunch and confessed that she loves him and will always love him.

6. Peter takes K. Michelle’s advice to make a decision and “go hard.” After his encounter with both Amina and Tara, Peter decides to chat with K. Michelle, who is friends with Tara. Kay tells Peter that he needs to make a decision on which relationship he really wants to work on and to “go hard.” Taking her advice, Peter decides to put his energy into making things work with his “musical soul mate” Amina and invites her to a lunch where he tries to win her back by showing how committed he is to the world with a window display saying “I love you Mrs. Pankey” and a slideshow of photos together.

7. Erica Mena tries to apologize to Cyn… and Cyn’s not having it. Feeling terrible about the way she left things with Cyn, Erica Mena decides to buy her upset girlfriend jewelry to apologize for her betrayal and subsequent blow out over Rich. When Cyn meets with Erica, she is not pleased. While Cyn takes the earrings from Erica, she admits that she isn’t a forgiving mood at the moment, and will contact Erica when she feels like it.

8. Joe is ready to take the next step with Tahiry. Having lunch with Tahiry reminded Joe how much he truly loves her and after speaking with his father, Joe decides that he’s going to take the next step with his ex-girlfriend and ask her to marry him.

While Joe’s dad is all for adding Tahiry to the family, he’s pretty wary of the fact that Tahiry just may say no…

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 9, “Love Is a Battlefield” that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!