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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans Says Current Pregnancy Will Not Be Featured on Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2's Season 5 premiere is just around the corner (January 21, y'all!), and we couldn't be more excited about checking in with the show's most notorious cast member, Jenelle Evans. Last time we saw Jenelle on the small screen, she was addicted to heroin and dating Kieffer Delp, but times have changed. Nowadays, Jenelle is in a committed relationship to MMA fighter Nathan Griffith, and she's pregnant with his baby!

Unfortunately, Jenelle recently took it to Twitter and confirmed that her current pregnancy won't be featured on Teen Mom 2, tweeting, "Too bad my pregnancy won't be showed on this season, sorry to burst ur bubble everyone!"

Confused? That's probably because Jenelle was most definitely seen chatting about her pregnancy in the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 preview, but she isn't referring to the current bun in her oven. According to our powers of sleuthing, Jenelle has been pregnant three times since popping out her son, Jace — once in January 2013 when she miscarried her estranged husband Courtland Rogers' baby, once in late spring 2013 (which she terminated in early summer), and once in the fall — aka her current pregnancy with Nathan Griffith.

It's likely that Jenelle's springtime pregnancy and abortion will be the only one shown on Teen Mom 2. Not only is she seen talking about her abortion on the preview, but we're pretty sure MTV won't be covering her relationship (and subsequent miscarriage) with Courtland, and she just confirmed that her current pregnancy won't be featured on the show.

You know what that means … MTV better greenlight a Teen Mom 2 Season 6 — we want to see this gal's new baby being born!