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Ravenswood Season 1: What is the Song Remy Sings — And How Is It Related to the Curse?

In the Ravenswood Season 1 winter premiere, “Revival,” Remy had a major earworm — one that’s been hanging around town for over a hundred years. The hymn gets in her brain shortly after The Five find the hymnal verse among the treasures they discovered in the secret box, and after hearing the barista at the Vault start humming it, mid-daymare.

“What’s that song? The one you were humming? Is it new?” In her daymare, the lady tells her it’s very old. But it’s not until Remy sleepwalk/dream/nightmares (how are we supposed to keep up on the terms for this?) later, that she finds its connection to The Curse.

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While dreaming of a terrifying scarecrows, she hears the hymnal verses sung in low, creepy voices, waking with a start as she imagines a shadow being cast over her. “When [the scarecrow] couldn’t stop me in my dream, it had to stop me from dreaming,” she explains to Luke about seeing a place in her dream that she knows must be important.

It turns out that Remy was right, the place she saw being a revival house where The Curse was first created, by Original Miranda and Original Caleb’s parents, and the other insiders who created it back in the day in Ravenswood. In her dream, Remy hears the Reverend instruct the attendees of a secret meeting to sing the words on Page 36, with everyone singing the mysterious words over and over again.

What do you think it all means? All we know for sure is, it must be important if it was recited at such an important moment in Ravenswood’s history — moments before the pact that cursed the Five was made.

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