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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Snooki Spies on Jionni Working Out: See What Funny Thing Happened! (VIDEO)

We all know Snooki is a gym rat (she even used shoveling snow as a workout when the gym was closed!), but how about her fiancé, Jionni LaValle? Jionni also seems like he's in great shape, but it looks like he works out a little differently than our girl Snooks.

When Snooki tried to sneak in on him at the gym, she was annoyed to find out that he made the room Snooki-proof. "Tried to spy on @jlavalle5 working out, but he knows me so well he made sure to lock the door," Snooki wrote on Instagram, along with the video below.

So maybe Jionni likes his workouts to be by himself (boy's got to mirror grunt in private!), but his wifey-to-be is definitely more public about her sweat sessions.

Earlier in the week, Snooks posted a video of herself doing pull ups in perfect form. Before that, she showed off her lower body strength with a video of herself holding up her 230 lb. trainer Anthony Michael with her legs. Impressed yet? How about the photo where she "leg pressed 225lb 7x bitches."

Isn't this reality TV duo super fit? Sound off in the comments!