Pretty Little Liars Logic Fails: Season 4, Episode 14 — “Who’s in the Box”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Logic Fails: Season 4, Episode 14 — “Who’s in the Box”?

No one would ever say Rosewood is a normal world. Murder, stalkers, big bad secrets — suddenly, our high school lives seem easy! It's a heightened universe, and that's part of the fun. Even with that in mind, there are occasionally moments on Pretty Little Liars that make us stop and say, "Really?" Sometimes it's something that doesn't make sense from the writers, and, more often, it's just that we want to reach through our TVs and smack the characters upside the head for making bad choices.

Here are our picks of the biggest logic fails and most WTF moments from Season 4, Episode 14 ("Who's in the Box?"):

Declodyne caving. Listen, Spencer's line about not having to have proof to spread the truth about Toby's mom on the internet was good, but we don't buy that it would be enough to make a big company like Declodyne cave and admit fault, let alone do anything to acknowledge that any of its employees were part of a cover up. It's a healthcare company! People must say bad things about it on the internet all the time! There's no way that Declodyne rep would have just given into the demands of two teenagers. Instead, there would have been a fleet of lawyers appearing and threatening to sue Spencer and Toby for libel if they tried to smear Radley.

Wouldn't the newspapers have said when Sara was last seen? We guess it's possible Avery has kept her mouth shut about the last time Sara was seen, but we find it odd that Hanna couldn't find anything in the newspapers about the fact that Sara was seen the day after Labor Day.

Oh Caleb, couldn't you have said something? OK, this is not actually a logic fail, as much as an emotions fail, but seriously Caleb, you couldn't have come up with a single thing to say about why you have to go back to Ravenswood? We understand that it's hard to explain about the curse, and the ghosts, and Miranda being dead, but Hanna deserved something other than "it's complicated."

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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