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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 15 Spoilers: 10 Things We Learn From the Promo

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter season got off to a decent start with Season 4, Episode 14: "Who's in the Box." Was there as much Ali as we would have liked? No. Was there way more Hanna and Caleb breaking up than we ever wanted to see? Totally. But we enjoyed getting more glimpses of Ezra's dark side, the emotional moments rang true, and the episode left us wishing next week's Season 4, Episode 15 ("Love ShAck, Baby!") was already here.

We can't make time speed up, but we can make it pass a little quicker by digging into the promo for the new episode to discover what clues it reveals about next week's drama. We've taken a magnifying glass to the preview, and uncovered 10 details.

1. Well, we know what the "Love ShAck" is. Throughout the promo we see the girls in Ezra's creepy cabin. That's probably what the episode's title is referencing.

2. A note from Ali. At :03 we see Emily with a note from who we assume to be Ali. "I want to come home," it says. "Meet me at our spot."

3. Ezra looking an awful lot like "A". At :05, :17, and :21 we see Ezra all decked out in black. Basically he looks exactly like he's "A".

4. Trapped! At :07 it looks like someone shuts a door on Spencer and Aria while they are in a small room in the cabin. And that someone? Appears to be "A". Throughout the promo we see the girls collecting weapons and preparing to defend themselves.

5. Ezra at school. Based on the shot at :13, it looks like there will be at least one scene in Rosewood High this week.

6. "She's keeping something from us." Spencer says this at :15. Who's the "she"? We're thinking Ali, but it could also be Mona or, really, anyone. Everyone has secrets in Rosewood.

7. Emily looks at her bracelet. Remember those friendship bracelets all the Liars had? Emily is looking at hers at :16.

8. Ezra is in Hanna's bedroom! At :17 we see a shot of Ezra, still in black, in Hanna's bedroom. He's emptying a backpack. Looking for Ali's journal, maybe? Whatever he's doing, we already have chills.

9. "We gave Ali to 'A'." Emily says this to Aria at :19. Uh-oh. Were they perhaps trying to meet Ali at Ezra's cabin? However this happens, as Aria points out, in Episode 14 "A" threatened that whoever finds Ali gets to "keep" her, so this is really bad news.

10. Who's Ezra calling? At :21 we see Ezra, still in black, looking at his phone. Writing an "A" message, perhaps? Or did he just finish a phone call?

Check it out yourself here!

Did we miss something? Interpret something wrong? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 on Tuesday, January 14, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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