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Kandi Burruss

Is Mama Joyce Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta Because of Producers’ Unfair Editing?

The show is called The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but sometime over the past several episodes, Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, became the undisputed star of the series’ sixth season. Joyce has never really approved of her daughter’s fiancé, Todd Tucker, and as the two edge closer to the altar, Kandi’s mom has done everything in her power to try and drive a wedge between them and split them up.

To recap, Joyce flat out told Todd that he was an opportunist who isn’t good enough for her daughter, and she even told Kandi that she heard rumors that Todd was sleeping with her best friend, Carmon. The last gem culminated in a physical fight between Joyce and Carmon in a bridal boutique as Kandi was in the back trying on wedding dresses.

It seems that Mama Joyce has taken issue with how the producers have chosen to portray her this season, and she’s so annoyed that she may say goodbye to RHoA forever. Joyce tells Ebony, “I will never ever let no one take me there again,” referring to her near- throwdown with Carmon. “Even if I have to bite my own fingers off.”

Mama Joyce also admitted to feeling exploited by Bravo and says that even though she is a major part of her daughter’s storyline this season, she hasn’t been compensated for her appearances on the hit show. “I haven’t gotten a penny from Bravo. They got me [as] the main person and I done trended on [Twitter] two weeks in a row and every damn thing. People keep saying ‘You’re a celebrity,’ and I ask, ‘How the hell am I a celebrity?’ I’m the most unpaid celebrity there is. I’m looking in the Us Weekly and I have a picture and I say, ‘How am I getting all of this attention? I’m not a celebrity!’ ”

Apparently Joyce only agreed to appear on the show in the first place after one of the producers said Kandi needed a more interesting storyline, but in light of all the negative publicity she has gotten over the past several weeks Joyce was forced to hire a publicist. “I’m only doing [it] because I didn’t like what was being said about me,” she maintained.

Kandi and Todd supporters will be happy to know that thMama Joyce “kind of make up” in a RHoA episode slated to air later this season. Ultimately Mama Joyce says she just wants her daughter to be happy, concluding, “I just want the best for her. And if he’s the best for her, well then I’m happy. All I want her to do is be happy. God knows that’s all I want.”

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Source: Ebony

01.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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