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Grey's Anatomy

Who Is Chris Ivery? 5 Things to Know About Ellen Pompeo’s Husband

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and her husband, Chris Ivery, are one of those Hollywood couples that really doesn’t mind being photographed in public together. And fans love them for it, because they are so cute.

Aside from the fact that these two have a daughter, four year old Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, we realized that we don’t know a lot about Chris. Is he as romantic as Ellen’s on-screen husband, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)? How did they meet? The questions are endless.

We’ve compiled 5 things to know about Mr. Ellen right here.

1. Chris and Ellen met in a grocery store. Before Ellen was Meredith Grey (and before there even was a Meredith Grey), the love interest in Old School met music producer Chris in 2003, in a grocery store in Los Angeles. We always thought meeting the love of your life at the grocery store was one of those relationship myths that never actually happened, but leave it to Ellen to prove us wrong.

2. They are both huge Boston Celtics fans. One of the first things Chris and Ellen realized that they had in common was the fact that they both grew up just outside Boston — but the serendipity didn’t stop there. Apparently they grew up “just 10 miles away from each other” near Cambridge, MA, where Harvard’s legendary campus is. These days, they are spotted sitting front row at Celtics games constantly.

3. Gossip focuses on Chris’ funny business. Divorce rumors and cheating “scandals” have plagued Chris and Ellen ever since they got married in 2007. But the couple has stayed together despite all the gossip, and still seem to be going strong — the romantic Valentine’s Day evenings are still on the schedule, after all.

4. Chris designs Stella’s baby wardrobe. Well, not entirely, but Ellen did tell the other Ellen (DeGeneres) that Chris “loves dressing her up like him...He goes out and buys her clothes that look like his clothes.” That’s something we doubt we’ll see Derek doing for Zola anytime soon.

5. Chris proposed on her birthday. In a move arguably even more romantic than Derek’s surgery-strewn elevator proposal to Meredith, Chris presented Ellen with a 3.5-carat diamond ring on her 37th birthday. Ellen told People, “we were six degrees our whole lives, so I feel like we were sort of meant to be.”

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