Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 20, “#Wack #Family”
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Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 20, “#Wack #Family”

Following a mid-season hiatus, Braxton Family Values starts off the new year with tensions running really high between Towanda and Tamar Braxton. Meanwhile, Toni Braxton’s moving forward on her musical comeback,Traci Braxton is working on her growing career, and Trina Braxton is just watching it all unfold.

1. Tamar vs. Towanda: Round 2. Picking up precisely where we left off in December, we find Tamar and Towanda in the middle of a blowout over dinner, with Tamar calling out Towanda for their lack of communication, lack of support, and overall “animosity” towards her. Tamar then goes on to say how she felt ostracized as she recalls an Instagram Towanda posted of her and Trina having lunch in L.A. without bothering to invite her. Going on a barrage of “hashtag” comments, Tamar lets loose her feelings of betrayal by her sisters.

While Tamar attempts to apologize for anything she may have done, Towanda doesn’t necessarily find her baby sister to be sincere and is non-responsive. Trina makes note of all the tension, and even admits that Tamar is acting spoiled, but at the same time, she notes that Towanda has her own faults too — like talking about Traci’s marriage on TV before consulting her.

2. Tamar breaks down. In a confessional scene, Tamar breaks down as she relays how ostracized she’s felt lately, expressing that she only wants things to go back to the way they used to be before they became so disconnected.

3. Traci goes on a promotional signing. While in Los Angeles, Traci’s manager has arranged for the new radio hostess to have a meet and greet with fans at a famous record store in Compton. This is when Tray reveals that she’s (drum roll please) working on a solo album!

4. Toni hurts herself on the set of “Hurt You” video. On the heels of her musical comeback, Toni and best friend Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds work on a music video for their hit single, “Hurt You.” Ironically, during a scene in which Toni and Babyface must knock down a “paper-thin wall,” Toni finds the task difficult and ends up hurting her hand. Ouch. But Toni puts on her big girl pants and braves through the rest of the video.

5. Toni tries to play peacekeeper. After hearing about the blowout between Towanda and Tamar, Toni decides to have a sisters’ lunch with all four siblings to clear the air. At the lunch, Toni expresses her disappointment and asks the sisters to tell her what’s going on. Tamar ultimately opens up, stating that she expressed her feelings to Towanda and attempted to apologize. When Toni asks how Tamar apologized, she tells her baby sister that her manner of saying “sorry” doesn’t necessarily seem sincere.

In trying to get all of her emotions out before her performance at the Arsenio Hall Show, Tamar “gets in her feelings,” but leaves upset. When she arrives at Arsenio, however, Tamar puts all her sibling issues aside and pulls off an amazing performance.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, January 16, at 9 p.m. on WE TV. What was your favorite moment from last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!