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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Call to Action: Take Down These Dangerous Paparazzi!

Kim Kardashian is mad as hell, and she’s not gonna take it anymore! The reality star has had it with paparazzi, to the point where she’s now trying to bolster support for legislation that would impose more restrictions on photogs who cross the line.

While Kim has had a healthy relationship with paparazzi in the past, since becoming pregnant with North West, things have taken a turn from cordial to downright contentious.

“I respect their right to make a living but it has to be reformed into a safer environment for our children,” the new mom said on Instagram. Kim has complained on many occasions that the photo-hungry snappers have endangered her life and that of her child, particularly while she’s driving around Los Angeles.

Though we’ve rarely seen Kim get political this seems to be an issue near and dear to her heart. She’s putting out the APB to all to support the proposed bill when it goes before the California Assembly on January 14. However, we’re a little confused by her call to action.

“Sign this petition!” she says in her Instagram and Twitter messages. Uh, one problem Kimmy. The bill is already going before the assembly, so we’re a little past the petition stage. If you follow the link to the Paparazzi Reform Initiative’s website, the actual call is for folks who reside in the Golden State to write their elected representatives and urge them to vote for the bill.

Oh well — it’s the thought that counts!

Source: Instagram, Paparazzi Reform Initiative

01.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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