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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence: THIS A-List Movie Hunk Is a “Really Fat Guy”

Does Jennifer Lawrence think that a certain A-list stud is losing at the "hunger" games?

J-Law currently stars in the hit film American Hustle opposite Christian Bale, who plays her con-artist husband in the film. And while most women would be thrilled to play house with a hunk like Christian, Jennifer was apparently less than impressed with his physique.

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Jennifer kisses Christian in the film, and the film's director, David O. Russell, says that Jennifer was wishing Christian hadn't decided to gain so much weight for the film.

"'I finally get to make out with Christian Bale, and he's a really fat guy,'" the director tells Us Weekly about what Jennifer would say on the set. "'He's Fatman, not Batman.'"

There's no denying that Christian had quite the sexy bod in the Batman films before adding weight for American Hustle. That said, we're a little surprised that Jennifer would criticize his body at all, considering that she doesn't seem to be all that superficial.

Then again, part of why we love Jennifer is because she doesn't have a filter and loves giving people a hard time. If only more Hollywood stars could be as unpredictable as she is!

Are you surprised that Jennifer would criticize Christian about his weight?

Source: Us Weekly