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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014’s Sharleen Joynt and Victoria Lima Doing Damage Control — Why?

There was a time when The Bachelor contestants couldn’t tweet during the show — and not just because Twitter hadn’t even been invented yet. The Powers That Be have been lifting the veil of mystery in recent seasons, and Juan Pablo Galavis’s Season 18 girlfriends are regularly sharing their thoughts as the show plays out.

Sharleen Joynt has been tweeting about her own first impression — not just on JPG but on viewers. She’s pretty self-aware about her own “seriously?” reaction to his rose, his love for her classy attire, and her odd habit of calling him “Sir.”

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney    

Tonight (Monday, January 13), ABC airs Episode 2, and Sharleen tweeted some fair warning on what may or may not happen: “Dear #bachelornation, I'd like to apologize in advance for any ‘Sir’s that I might nervously and unknowingly utter tonight. #DamageControl” Is she not the best? @TheFinalRose summed it up well when replying, “dear Sharleen - this is what makes us love you.” Yes. Long live Queen Shar.

Not feeling as much love is Victoria Lima, who was featured as one of the “drama” girls during last night’s Behind the Scenes special, and is shown as The Drunk Girl who cries in the bathroom in Episode 2. Reality Steve also shared a recent Instagram photo of Victoria in bed with a new guy, saying it looks like she’s been occupying her time just fine since filming wrapped. Well, here’s a tweet from Victoria before tonight’s show: “Lately everyone is so knowledgeable when it comes to my life... But lets remember that you only see what I want you to. #JudgeCarefully.”

That’s true for Instagram, but on TV, people might not have quite the ability to show off only what they want to.

There’s always more to the story than what we see on TV or even on social media. But this is the 18th season of the show, so both sides of “the process” should know the drill: You get a burst of mini fame, potentially get to travel the world for free, and may even find love. We get to sit home, eating junk food, and judge. It’s win-win!

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