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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 11 Recap — Kim Calls Out Lisa!

Where was Lisa Vanderpump on the night of Kim Richards's daughter's graduation party? That's the big question in this week's recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 11. So wax your wiener, lick the nearest stripper pole, and please refrain from eating a live bunny.

Waxing Your What?

This week's episode is all about Kimberly's high school graduation. And what's a more appropriate way to prepare for a high school graduation than by getting a bikini wax? At least, that appears to be Kim and Kyle Richards's approach. However, the less we have to hear Kim talking about "waxing her wiener," the better. And on what planet does a day spa keep a dildo onhand to squeeze? It's like, "Thanks, but I'm good."

Brandi Glanville takes Carlton Gebbia and some pals to a stripping class, but Carlton shows up completely wasted on tequila. So instead of trying any moves on the pole, Carlton just licks her pole and displays her "Fk Off" booty shorts. But by the way, how awesome was Brandi's splits move after sliding down the pole? Consider us impressed!

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Brandi Gets Reunited With Her Burger, and It Feels So Good

It's time for the party, as guests arrive, including Kimberly's dad, John, who is on great terms with Kim. Carlton and Brandi get there, but Carlton is still tipsy, and Brandi is nauseous, so they inexplicably grab a burger on the stoop before they enter the party. Why wouldn't they first say hi to Kim? Kyle doesn't understand it, and neither do we.

Brandi realizes that the burger isn't agreeing with her. After she vomits, Carlton — who is on an unsuccessful mission to procure more booze — takes her home. We must point out that Kimberly's daughter, Brooke, is newly engaged to the heir to the Fatburger fortune, which explains why there was a Fatburger truck at the party — but having Brandi vomit up the burger can't be the kind of publicity that the company was angling for.

However, despite that awkward moment, the rest of the party is truly touching, as Kim gets choked up as she wishes Kimberly the best at college. So sweet!

Hug It Out. Or Not.

Lisa didn't attend the party because she was in Missouri for an alopecia charity event, and she invites the ladies over to her place later on to donate dresses to a women's charity. Kim arrives and calls out Lisa, telling her that her hairdresser spotted Lisa at SUR on the night of Kimberly's party. Uh-oh!

Lisa first denies this possibility, but then she finally remembers that she ended up taking an early flight home. But she doesn't appreciate the grief from Kim, nor does her husband Ken, who gets in a low blow when he tells Kim that she herself has missed plenty of events over the years. Kim does not appreciate this reference to her alcoholism.

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There's more drama, as Brandi asks to speak to Joyce Giraud privately to tell her that she's not a racist, bully, or drunk. Things get heated as Brandi says she would have knocked out Joyce's teeth if she were a bully, and then Carlton comes to Brandi's defense. Finally, Joyce and Brandi hug, but we don't think that truce is going to last for longer than, oh, 15-20 minutes.

Our Overall Thoughts

Okay, so there were definitely lots of happy moments this week, with our favorite part actually being the cute interaction between Lisa and Kyle. That said, we don't like that Brandi seems to have a problem with those two getting along. Why does Brandi care?

We also adored seeing Kim feel so proud of Kimberly's accomplishments, not to mention that Brandi and Carlton's friendship is cute. As far as Lisa and Kim's beef, we totally understand that Lisa was too exhausted from her flight to want to attend a party, and so Kim made too big of a deal about her being spotted at SUR. Still, Ken should have apologized for crossing the line with his comment about Kim's drinking.

And now, we're looking forward to next week's episode, as the ladies learn self defense. Meanwhile, if anyone needs us, we'll be on the stoop with our face in a burger.