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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky’s Puppy Undergoes Surgery! Is He OK?

Ali Fedotowsky has been blowing up our Instagram and Twitter feeds with a billion or so adorable pictures of her dog, Owen. The darling puppy is frequently shown doing things cute little pups do, and Ali’s boyfriend, Kevin Manno, contributes plenty of hilarious Photoshopped pics of the runt. For example, this one, in honor of Owen’s surgery today:

Credit: Instagram    

Our full-on puppy-holding instincts kicked in when Ali tweeted, “Little Owen sitting in waiting room before his surgery. I'm going to be worried sick all day.” Poor little baby! Is he OK? What’s going on? Ali’s hashtag should explain everything: #NeuteringDay. Ouch. Literally.

Kevin wasn’t as understanding as his gorgeous Season 6 Bachelorette girlfriend, captioning his little ice cream hilarity, “"It takes balls to get neutered." That’s cold, pal.

But while we were “worried sick” about little baby Owen alongside Ali, it seems that he’s pulled through just fine, which Ali confirmed. “This is a dog on drugs. Poor Owen. He's out of surgery but still a little loopy from the anesthesia,” she says of the cone-boasting post-op shot. Gee, ya think he’s loopy, Ali? We’re actually surprised that this is an un-doctored (pun intended) pic of the few months-old babe, what with his eyes all wonky and his limbs stretched out comically.

So glad Owen pulled through surgery just fine, and we hope he doesn’t have any phantom pains when he comes to.

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