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Happy Birthday, Kristen Bell! Where Is the Veronica Mars Cast Now? (PHOTOS)

Everything's coming up Kristen Bell! In addition to being a total rock star that makes our TVs tremble with everything she touches — ; ;from Gossip Girl ;to House of Lies ;— and getting a sweet Veronica Mars ;movie to star in, she turns 33 today! Does that mean it's already been two whole years since the Sloth Incident?!

Marshmallows ‘round the world united on Kickstarter to make the Veronica Mars movie finally happen after six long years of waiting, and as the film’s cast finally comes together, we’re taking a trip back in time to see how far they’ve come since the show’s untimely cancellation.

While Kristen Bell has remained firmly in the spotlight, there are so many cast members to keep track of. To help you prepare for the impending March 4, 2014 (!) release, we’ve rounded up the main Neptune High alums (and their families) for a quick rundown of what they’ve been up to. Basically, we’re giving you a handful of films and TV shows to watch (in between marathons of Veronica Mars) until March, because you can only watch the Veronica Mars ;movie trailer so many times.