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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars vs. The Originals: A Side-by-Side Analysis of Our Two Favorite Shows

In case you missed the news, The Originals and Pretty Little Liars are now airing at the same time — 8 p.m. on Tuesdays — and the shows' respective channels have started a goodnatured feud between the vampire drama and teen murder mystery.

We're big fans of both shows here at Wetpaint Entertainment, so we couldn't help ourselves from getting in on the fun by pitting the two shows against each other in some key categories. Which show has the best female characters, scariest villains, hottest guys — you know, the important stuff.

Read on for our take on which show wins each category, and then sound off with your opinions in the comments below!

Hot Guys

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Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars isn't exactly short on sexy guys. There's Toby and his abs, Ezra and his handsome (if sketchy) face, Caleb and his hair (though now he's moved to Ravenswood, sob), and a whole host of secondary hotties like Wren, Noel, and even Aria's little bro Mike, who's all grown up these days.

The Originals: Sorry, PLL, but this one is easy: the Originals guys are impossibly attractive. First of all, Charles Michael Davis has a perfect face. Plus, Klaus has an intensity that's hard to resist (also, those eyes. And that accent). And have you seen Elijah's jawline? Vampires are where it's at.

Winner: The Originals.

Awesome Girls

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Pretty Little Liars: Where do we even start? All four Liars are fantastic characters — flawed, sympathetic, and somehow relatable despite their crazy situation. Then you have the bad girls like Ali, Mona, and Jenna, all of whom are fun, twisted, and fascinating in distinct ways. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the mothers yet! The point is, if you want a show with strong female characters of all sorts, this is where you go.

The Originals: The Originals isn't exactly lacking female characters, but so far, only a few are compelling. Davina quickly won us over, and Haley and Cami are growing on us to some extent, but in the end Rebekah, who's made of pure awesome, is the only Originals woman we really adore without hesitation at this point.

Winner: Pretty Little Liars

Scary Villains

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Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars never lacks for foes of all sorts. From the mysterious and seemingly omnipotent "A" to the enigmatic and always delightful Mona to the more mundane evil of corrupt cops (rest in anything but peace, Wilden), Rosewood is overflowing with baddies who leave us shaking.

The Originals: One of the things that makes The Originals interesting is that, so far, there hasn't been a clear villain. For a while Klaus was the biggest baddie around, but he's also the protagonist, so we knew the writers couldn't make him go too far. Now who's worth being scared of kind of depends on which faction you have the most sympathy for. We like that all of the characters are painted in shades of grey, but The Originals' lack of a clear villain means that none of the characters provoke as much pure fear as "A".

Winner: Pretty Little Liars

Amazing Romances

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Pretty Little Liars: Whether you're holding out hope for Ezria, still sobbing over Haleb, keeping your fingers crossed that Spoby or Paily stays strong, or rooting for another couple all together, there's a relationship or four for every fan on PLL.

The Originals: The Originals has a few developing romances that we really like — Marcel and Rebekah forever, y'all — but at the end of the day it's hard for a show that's only 10 episodes in to rival one that's been on for four seasons in the romance department.

Winner: Pretty Little Liars

Fascinating Family Dynamics

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Pretty Little Liars: Each Liar has a distinct relationship with her family, with the dysfunctional Hastings taking the cake when it comes to being a messed up and untrusting group.

The Originals: The Mikaelsons have over a thousand years of history that's rife with love, betrayal, forgiveness, more betrayal, and, improbably, still love. 1,000 years.

Winner: The Originals

Touching Friendships

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Pretty Little Liars: The friendship between the Liars is the heart and soul of this show, period.

The Originals: Davina's friendship with Josh is adorable, but for the most part no one on this show can trust anyone else enough for true friendships to emerge.

Winner: Pretty Little Liars

Great Flashbacks

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Pretty Little Liars: Ali is kinda the best, and we're always eager to see a new side of her when the Liars recall another memorable moment from their friendship.

The Originals: Again: 1,000 years! While we love getting glimpses into Ali’s shady past, The Originals just has so much more to play with in its flashbacks.

Winner: The Originals

Action Per Episode

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Pretty Little Liars: If we're being honest, Pretty Little Liars episodes can sometimes drag, especially in the middle of a season, when often starts to feel like the girls are treading water and getting nowhere until the explosive finales.

The Originals: Like its mother show, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals eats through plot like there's no tomorrow. We're only 10 episodes in, and there have already been multiple alliances formed and broken, lots of backstabbing, a ton of mythology, and enough deaths that New Orleans makes Rosewood look like a downright safe place to live.

Winner: The Originals

OK. We're calling it a tie. Conclusion? Both shows are awesome.

Do you prefer The Originals or Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comments below!

Rebecca Martin is an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment and our resident Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, and genre TV expert. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!