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Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson Parties in Puerto Vallarta With Brother Billy (PHOTOS)

It's official: Vicki Gunvalson really loves partying in Mexico! We saw her joining the ladies for some south-of-the-border debauchery in Puerto Vallarta on last season's Real Housewives of Orange County, and now she is living it up there again, this time with her brother.

Vicki is very familiar with Puerto Vallarta and has visited there quite a bit, as we learned last season when she commandeered Tamra Barney's bachelorette weekend plans by taking Tamra and Lydia McLaughlin to her favorite bar, Andales.

Credit: Instagram    

Apparently, Vicki just can't stay away from the city, as she announced on Instagram last week that she was heading there. "I'm going to Mexico! #woopitup," she writes on January 9, using her catchphrase from the episode.

Once she arrived, she posted several photos (including the one above) of herself having a blast with her brother, Billy, at — you guessed it! Andales. "Having fun with brother Billy at #andales #lovemyfamily," Vicki captions one of the pics.

She also posts a photo (at right) of herself staring out at the ocean. "#sunsets, #ilovepuertovallarta, #memoriesofmyfather, #missmydaddy, #Happy," she captions that one.

But Vicki is nothing if not a driven businesswoman, so she also posted a pic of herself on her laptop while sitting on her condo's balcony overlooking the ocean. "My office today #alwaysworking, #greatday, #puertovallarta," she writes.

We're glad Vicki is having such a great vacation! And we just hope that there's no urine involved in her partying, like there was on Tamra's bedspread last season. Or maybe you're not really having fun until you lose control of your bladder?

Do you think Vicki's trip looks like fun?

Source: Vicki on Instagram