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The Kardashians

Chelsea Handler on Mocking the Kardashians: I Get in Trouble But “I Don’t Really Care”

For talk show host Chelsea Handler, being able to make fun of the Kardashian family on her show Chelsea Lately is well worth pissing off the powers that be at the E! Network.

While the network has told her repeatedly not to trash talk her fellow E! stars, Chelsea tells Access Hollywood that she’ll continue to mock the reality TV family.

“Yes,” Chelsea said when asked if she ever got in trouble by E! execs for constantly making fun of the Kardashians. “They say, ‘Please don’t do it anymore,’ and I’m like, ‘[The Kardashians] are cool with it I know them, they know me. And then I just kind of continue. I don’t really care.”

Even if Chelsea happens to invoke the wrath of the network or of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, the comedienne says she’s not too concerned.

“Do I really care if the network’s mad at me? Or the Kardashians? No, I don’t,” she joked.

As for rumors that Chelsea is leaving is leaving her show, the talk show host says she’s simply irreplaceable.

“I’m not leaving the show,” she said. “I can’t leave the show, who’s gonna do it? It’s called Chelsea Lately! I can’t, unless we find Chelsea Clinton and tell her that she has to do a show called Chelsea Lately, and then I take over her career, which is probably not gonna happen. But I do a lot of other things to keep myself sane, so that’s why I write books, go on tour."

Source: Access Hollywood