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Which #RichKids of Beverly Hills Star Is Worth Most — and Least?

The #RichKids of Beverly Hills are all incredibly loaded. Seeing their combined net worths will boggle your mind. Like, we’re pretty sure they could use cash for toilet paper and still be able to drop thousands during all their frequent spending sprees.

But even with their exorbitant wealth $16.4 million in total not all Rich Kids are created equal. Two of the five cast members are significantly wealthier than their other three co-stars. Of the two wealthiest, one is worth twice as much as the other? So which Beverly Hills sociality is the wealthiest of them all? Here’s the net worth breakdown.

Dorothy Wang: $10,000,000

Morgan Stewart: $5,000,000

Jonny Drubel: $800,000

Brendan Fitzpatrick: $500,000

Roxy Sowlaty: $100,000

With a net worth of $10 million, Dorothy Wang is by far the wealthiest of her co-stars. Her blonde bestie, Morgan Stewart, is worth only half of what she is: $5 million.

Together, this modern day Cher and Dionne are by far the richest of their costars. The next wealthiest is Jonny Drubel, worth $0.8 million. Morgan’s boyfriend, Brendan, is right under that at $0.5 million. Coming in last place (but still, let’s remember, more fabulously wealthy than most of us could ever dream) is Roxy Sowlaty at $0.1 million.

Are you surprised by who’s worth more, or were you able to pick up on that from watching the show? Because if you ask us, once you reach a certain level of wealth... and extra couple 00s on the end don’t seem to matter much. It’s all way more than we could ever dream to have. But we’re having a ridiculously good time living vicariously through all of them.

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