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Who Is Brendan Fitzpatrick, Morgan Stewart’s Boyfriend on #RichKids of Beverly Hills?

He’s wealthy, he’s incredibly successful in the real estate business, and he’s dating one of the hottest blondes in Beverly Hills. Yeah, life for Brandon Fitzpatrick really doesn’t suck.

The #RichKids of Beverly Hills cast member sold his first house at the age of 19... for $15 million. Now at 25, Brandon is extremely successful in his career, working at a top real estate firm and making millions of dollars to finance his lavish lifestyle.

Brandon was born into wealth, but he’s not relying on his family to pay his bills. Instead of going to college, he went straight into the real estate business to work on building a fortune of his own. He’s been dating fellow RKoBH cast member Morgan Stewart for over a year. Their relationship certainly has it’s ups and downs. But then again, when you’re dating the girl who started a blog called Boobs & Loubs, (because, in her own words, “I have very large boobs and a very large affinity for Louboutins") a little bit of drama is probably something he’s more than willing to put up with.

To keep up with Brendan and his crazy rich life, follow him on Twitter @brendanfitzp and Instagram @brendanfitzp.